Nitro Power Fast Forward Cool Cruisin'
Nitro Power Fast Forward

Cool Cruisin'

Add to premium performance gasoline, significantly increases engine torque and horse power.  Cool exhaust temperature dramatically improves off road throttle response and general towing ability.  Removes gum and varnish - cleans injectors.

Cleans fuel systems - cleans valves. Cleans catalytic converters - safe to use.

Significantly increases fuel mileage.


Higher compression performance engines blown turbo-charged and nitrous oxide applications circle, drag, tractor pulling, performance street, marine, and motorcycles, towing and RV use. 

Add to premium unleaded, AV gas, racing gas or methanol.  Results you get from it significantly increases engine torque and horse power. Cool exhaust temperature dramatically improves off road throttle response and general towing ability.

Protects against detonation, pre-ignition and dry fuel. Reduce quarter mile ET one-tenth and gain 3 miles per hour by adding one quart to 10 gallons. 

Cools engine oil up to 52° and gear lube up to 57°.Cools cylinder head temperature up to 26°Dramatically improves engine oiling. Engine temperature stays much cooler while riding in slow traffic. Eliminates galling, bluing, piston scuffing, valve train wear and bearing failure. Smoothes idling and improves acceleration. Removes up to 100% of transmission CLUNK. Doubles life of all lubricated parts.

$15.95 per 16 oz. $19.99 per 16 oz. $24.50 per qt.
40 Below Chain Lube KLR Chain Lube
40 Below

Chain Lube

KL Chain Lube

Reduces coolant temps up to 40°.  Prevents coolant temperature from rising excessively under extreme racing conditions. Good for all types of vehicle applications from your racer to your tow vehicle.

High Speed Chain and Bearing Lube.

Chain Lube Fling Free formula, Specially formulated for conventional and "0" ring type roller chains. 16oz Spring Can


$24.95 per qt.

$5.95 per bottle

$8.49 per 16 oz Can

Fuel Fragrance Elephant Wash Elephant Wash Spray
Fuel Fragrence Elephant Wash Elephant Wash

Eliminates harsh alcohol orders specially formulated for motor fuels can be used for gasoline, nitro methane, or alcohol. Are available in grape, cherry, strawberry, banana, bubble gum, fruit punch, cinnamon, pina colada, tangerine, cherry vanilla, groovy grape.



$9.95 per 4 oz.

$35.99 per gal.

$9.95 per qt.


Drum Pump Utility Jug Pail Spout Extender
Drump Pump Utility Jug  


Available colors in Clear, Blue, Yellow, Red & Black

Spout for 5 Gal Pail




Hose Funnel  Dye
Hose Funnel Dye

Hose for Utility Jug


Caps Eliminates Spills & Contaminates



$ 6.90 $13.00 per $13.00 each
Liquid Power 4 Cycle Liquid Horsepower Hot Oil Additive Top Lube
Liquid Power 4 Cycle Liquid Horsepower Hot Oil Additive Top Lube

4 Cycle Racing Oil



Lube Concentrate for Methanol and Nitro Fuels

Upper Top Lube.

Clear, Groovy Grape, and Cherry  flavors available.


$4.99 per 32oz.

12 Qt  per Case  $54.00

$8.95 per 4oz.

$9.95 per 16oz.


Chili Oil Klotz BeNOL Racing Castor Oil  Klotz Fabric Air Filter Oil
Track Tac Chili Oil Klotz BeNol Racing Castor Oil Klotz Fabrix Air Filter Oil

Track Tac® Chili Oil Is a special totally synthetic formulation designed to aid in run ability of four cycle racing engines.  Is polymeric.  Exhibits very low compressibility. Should not be used during “break in” of an engine or the seating of rings.  Has an extremely low addition level. As little as 1 milliliter per 12 to 14 ounces of oil can be used. Chili Oil does not cause carbon build up. It is a true oil with a value roughly equivalent to 120 weight oil and Should never be used in a 2 cycle (2 stroke) engine.

Degummed and Extra Fortified, blends with  Methanol Alcohol and Gasoline. 32 oz. (Qt)

Fabric Air filter oil is for all street, off road and racing fabric K&N type filter applications. 15.25oz Can

$6.00 Single

$55.00 per 10 Pack

$100.00 per 20 pack


$12.50 per Qt

$7.19 per Can

Racing Competition Lubrication    
Racing Competition Lubrication    
Stops Wear and Instantly Cools Engine Oil    
$11.99 per 7oz.