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Ford Fuel Service, Inc. is the Master Distributor for Renegade Racing Fuel in the Southeast.  In addition to our complete line of race fuel we’re also your Tire Prep Warehouse for the U.S.  We have a large variety of tire prep products; Goat, Wintergreen, Track Tac, Hot Lap, and Track Claw.  These products are ready to be shipped or we can put you in touch with one of our dealers located throughout the south eastern U.S.   We also carry the best racing motor oil on the market today; Renegade Oil with 3000 ppm of ZDDP additive, Thor Oil and a complete line of Power Plus racing lubricants.  

We choose to represent Renegade because of has been dyno and race tested in all types of racing conditions.  Renegade has the right fuel for your ride  whether you use leaded, unleaded, oxygenated or methanol we’ve got it in stock and ready for you this weekend. 

More importantly we not only help you choose the right product we can help you get your tires prepped for your next race.  Just call Tim with any questions about race fuel or tire prep at 800-615-5981.